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Artists for Climate

Hust Wilson for ArtistsForClimate.org
In 2021, we continued our collaboration with Countdown - TED's global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. In July 2021, we launched the global open call Artists For Climate, which aimed at building a unique collection of open-license art to serve as an invaluable resource for climate change awareness.
Anina Takeff,
Federico Saez, Gandhi
Eka, Anna Denardin
for Artists for Climate
Close to 1500 artists from 95 countries joined our open call for visual artworks on climate change with 2200+ submissions, with a focus on hope and solutions. The outstanding work of a total of 50 Selected Artists and 46 Finalists was chosen to join The Climate Collection. Together with the global creative community, we managed to build a valuable public resource for individuals and nonprofits who want to raise awareness and amplify their impact on climate change.
Photos: TED
In October 2021, we participated at the TED Countdown Summit in Edinburgh. The event brought together hundreds of leaders and speakers to take action for a net-zero future, and we officially launched The Climate Collection on TED's main stage. At the Summit, we also created a dedicated art installation, and a selection of works from the collection was featured in a visual takeover all across the conference venue.
Photos: Camille Seaman
The Climate Collection was also featured at the Expo 2020 Dubai during People's Promise for Climate Impact, a two-day celebration of youth-led climate action from across the globe. We also launched a digital exhibition showcasing the 50 selected illustrations on ArtLink, a mobile app which uses augmented reality to place the works in people's immediate surroundings. Our Climate Collection was further put into action during the COP26 demonstrations in Glasgow, where posters with some of our illustrations were handed out.
Photos: Callum Aided
Furthermore, in the midst of COP26, photographer Camille Seaman premiered The Distant is Imminent - a video we commissioned depicting her still and moving images from Antarctica and the Arctic - in front of the The Hunt Museum in Limerick, Ireland. The work is part of our global art action on climate change that we launched in 2020 for TED Countdown, producing 10 public artworks to inspire climate action, in 10 cities around the world.