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Culture of Solidarity

Daniela Yankova for Fine Acts
Our campaign Culture of Solidarity aimed to foster a creative space to produce emotional and compelling visuals that bring to life a common vision for a better future. For it, we commissioned 27 artists (one representing each EU member state) to create new works that reinforce solidarity and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic in European societies.
Illustrations: Jango
Jim, Sidsel Sørensen,
Loulou & Tummie,
Alina Marinescu for
Fine Acts
The campaign stemmed from our belief that the Covid-19 crisis can be a strong catalyst for the European idea as it reveals the fundamental necessity for collective action, unity, and a culture and practice of solidarity. At the same time, the crisis demonstrated the danger of increasing nationalist sentiments, growing authoritarianism, closing borders, and a crackdown on civil liberties. We saw an urgent need for uplifting messages of unity, togetherness and solidarity that would reinforce the feeling of belonging and the idea of Europe as a shared space.
The campaign included a curated collection of 34 artworks by the 27 commissioned artists. We also launched an open call for creatives worldwide to submit relevant works from their archive, and from nearly 1000 submissions we featured 101 artworks by 77 artists. All selected works were published for free use and adaptation on our global platform TheGreats.co - for nonprofits, educators and citizens to use in their community and outreach work, and spread the message of solidarity.
Furthermore, we executed numerous creative actions (e.g. placing posters, projection mappings, disseminating postcards and stickers) across Europe - in Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Sweden, France, Belgium, Croatia and Germany. For them, we partnered with 10 local organizations and citizen groups, who used the created artworks for their solidarity actions that took place in February and March 2021.
Illustration: Anina Takeff for Artists for Climate
Our Culture of Solidarity collection of illustrations was also showcased at the Digital Art Factory festival. As part of the event, we organized an AR exhibition, in collaboration with ArtLink, an app, which uses augmented reality to give audiences a real-life exhibition experience.