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Postcards from Forever

Michalina Kuczyńska/Archive of Public Protests

Postcards from Forever is our series of postcards highlighting the timelessness and perpetuity of certain social issues - as well as the immense power of people in protest to defend and uphold human rights. In 2020, we launched the project with an edition dedicated to racial justice.

In 2021, we launched the Abortion Rights edition of Postcards from Forever.

Rafał Milach,
Michalina Kuczyńska
/Archive of Public
Protests/, Meryl
Levin, Karolina
For the Abortion Rights edition, we teamed up with a group of outstanding photographers, and curated a selection of images, documenting women's dignity and protest now and in the past. Our new series of postcards are meant to be sent to anyone - friends, family, or legislators. They capture the past and present of the fight for women's and reproductive rights around the world, and create a powerful intimate space to give hope, or demand change.
The postcards can be freely used by activists and community organizers in their campaigning around the world - anyone can download them from our website, and then print them at their local print shop. Currently, they are available for download in English and in Polish - and we'll be adding more images, countries and languages as our global campaign unfolds.
As part of the campaign, we distributed the postcards at key events across the US and Poland, where women's rights are currently at stake. We organized two dedicated postcard-writing events, during which hundreds of postcards were signed and sent:
Photos: Natasha Dodge
  • at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, during the opening of the “Who Will Write the History of Tears” exhibition about the female body and repressive laws; and
  • in front of the US Supreme Court at the Washington DC protest on December 1, 2021, in connection to one of the most important abortion rights cases in the US in decades.
Photos: Karolina Gembara, Natasha Dodge
For this project, we collaborated with photographers Karolina Gembara and Meg Handler, and designer Dolly Meieran; and deployed the work of Michalina Kuczyńska, Rafał Milach, Dona Ann McAdams, Sandra-Lee Phipps, Meryl Levin, and Paola Agosti.